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How do you know you're getting a GREAT massage before you commit your time, money, and most importantly - your health?


The founders at CEDAR + SAGE CO. have pondered this exact question for years. Aside from internet review sites, how do you really know what you’re in for?


Designed by passionate massage lovers, we follow the signature SHD structure. This proven gauging system allows our facility to truly generate a superior deliverance of services. We ask you for your feedback, every visit, because we care. This tried and true approach has built the foundation for quality, consistency and innovation. Our goal is to change how you perceive, receive, and benefit from your holistic health program.


We invite you to come and experience the difference. We can guarantee that you'll be happy you did.

Oh and by the way;

We no longer ponder the definition of a perfect massage— we create now instead.


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