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  #1. Myofascial Cupping +  
        Foot Scrub + Scalp Therapy  

It's the perfect alternative to the classic massage, this 1hr treatment focuses on the back, feet and head.

1 hour          - - -            $135 per person  

 #2. Introduction To TCM:  
       Cupping, Tuina Massage 
       with Ear Seeds 

Cupping is an ancient form of alternative medicine . The plastic or silicone cups are placed on the skin's surface to create reverse pressure that reaches the tissue at a deeper level. This allows for relaxation of the muscles, promotion of Blood and Qi circulation, toxin release and lymphatic drainage. The cupping is used in combination with Tuina, a form of deep tissue massage based on the same principles as Acupuncture, through pathways on the body, meridians and acupoints. The treatment is concluded with Ear Seeds. Ear Seeds are small adhesive beads and are used for subduing mind and body aches. This therapy is commonly used to improve the body’s flow of energy, upon a short discussion, we will decide what point will be most beneficial for you. 

1 hour          - - -            $130 per person  

  #3.  The C + S Signature 

This customized package includes ALL of our signature upgrades.

This is hands down (pun intended), the ultimate in spa relaxation. 







1 hour 45 mins         - - -      Cost: $300 per person

#4. The Complete Care Package

This treatment will transport you to an altered state of mind. Enjoy the complete care Romana offers in her personalized approach to healing. 

  • Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage 

  • Facial Massage 

  • Foot Reflexology 

  • Reiki + Aromatherapy 

2 hours         - - -        Cost $285 per person       

#5. Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi goes far beyond a regular style massage as it reflects the connection we have with the land we live on, the spirit guides, or our ancestors as well as the breath of life. This massage style is beneficial to increase spiritual energy and personal power. With nurturing strokes and flow this will be a relaxing yet completely tailored to your whole-being needs. A perfect way to balance your body, mind, and soul – let tension and stress flow out of your body with our Lomi Lomi therapist. Massage ritual is combined with Reiki that helps to bring the mind and body systems back in balance.

1 hour 30 min         - - -      Cost $205 per person

#6. Therapeutic Massage +             Reiki Hybrid

Come in and experience painless relief with hands on energy work that will leave you feeling lighter and more at peace.
Our physical bodies hold on to a plethora of negative emotions causing the slowing of our body’s natural healing. No matter how much experience you have with energy work, you can expect to be educated
on the why’s and how’s of the pain we hold, as well as experience relief from those pains through the use of intention and a lighter touch.
Book in if you’re looking to be released from chronic or acute physical or mental pain.
Can be claimed if listed as Massage on receipt.

1 hour 15 min         - - -         Cost $145

W E L L N E S S 
P A C K A G E S  

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