Ontario Native, Amie graduated her 3 yr. Massage Therapy program east of Toronto. She now resides in beautiful Banff, where she continues to learn and develop her skills as a registered Therapist. Her previous experience travelling with sport teams and professional athletes has provided her with an immense understanding of human injury and rehibilatation. Enjoying a healthy and active lifestyle herself, Amie also holds certificates in TRX fitness and personal training. 


Marc’s journey began in his teens as a result of sport and vehicle related injuries. This is where his hands gained an early comprehensive understanding of intelligent & therapeutic touch. In addition to his studies to be a 2200hr Registered Massage Therapist in Alberta, Marc has studied well beyond the basic continued education requirements. He became a Certified Dr. Vodders Lymphatic Drainage Therapist in 2014, studied Myofascial decompression in 2015, taken the Contemporary Acupuncture program at McMaster University in 2016 and integrated Dynamic Cupping into his treatments in 2018. Marc has also spent 9 months in Vipassana meditation, facilitated Kundalini Dance, and studied Reiki.


Veronica graduated with honours from Georgian College in Ontario with her advanced diploma in message therapy in 2013.  She was working with skydivers and athletes from her own private practice while living in the US. Skydiving is one of her passions, now that she is calling Banff home, she can be found snowboarding most mornings.


Edna graduated from Catholic University of North with Honours in Physical Therapy and a Bachelor of Health Sciences with specialization in Skeletal Muscle and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation. She has been a Physical Therapist for the past 5 years in public and private practice, working with seniors and semi-professional sports soccer teams, where she used massage as a complementary therapy. Edna has always been passionate about massage therapy as it helps people achieve a state of integral health, balance all aspects of the person - structural, chemical and mental. In her therapy, she combines a deep, therapeutic and relaxing massage, seeking a balance and placing the body in an optimal condition to heal itself. Edna likes living a healthy and active lifestyle, and outside of work enjoys hiking, yoga, basketball, reading and traveling. 


Basia's career in body work progressed from her devotion as a yoga teacher, continuously working to be more informed and empathetic to the physical experiences of the students entering her classes. As an Honours Graduate from the Canadian Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine's 2200h Western-Eastern integrated massage program, Basia incorporates holistic perspective, along with systematic orthopaedic assessment to precisely apply manual manipulation lasting healing in the body.


Shannen graduated from her Physiotherapy studies at Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia in 2015. She has since had 3.5 years experience at a Perth hospital, where she has worked across many settings including orthopaedics, neurological rehabilitation and the musculoskeletal clinic. During her studies, she also completed 3 years as a sports trainer at an Australian Rules Football Club, where she was responsible for injury management, sports massage, taping and exercise prescription. During her career, she has developed a sound knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, and has a passion for rehabilitation across all age groups. In her spare time you can find her going on hikes, sightseeing or designing pieces for her small art business. 


Having always been passionate about sports and the human body with its miraculous features, Jasper
graduated as a physiotherapist at the Free University of Brussels with a master’s degree in sports.
Thanks to his experience in different medical settings, different cultures and a private practice in a
French ski resort, he developed an extensive range of soft tissue techniques which he applies while
always keeping a psychosomatic approach in mind. When Jasper is not working you will find him doing any sport that gets him out into the mountains, such as skiing, rock climbing, hiking, and running.


After Maëlle graduated from her massage studies in France, she decided to put her skills to use all
over the world. Having explored numerous cultures and work environments, she keeps expanding
her wide collection of techniques, inspired by lots of different experiences all around the globe. For
the biggest part of her career she worked in spas in the sporty and mountainous surroundings of the
French Alps. Travelling, nature and cheese are Maëlle’s main passions.


Maggie graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2002. Since then she has practiced in Vancouver, Australia, Calgary & now the Bow Valley. Post grad studies included Manual Lymph Drainage, Yoga for massage therapists & Kinesio Taping. In September she began her Classical Pilates Teacher Training at Embody Pilates in Canmore.  Maggie incorporates relaxation within her therapeutic treatments & encourages self care post treatment. Drink more water & be active .


Stephanie is a Reiki Master, trained in Usui Reiki Ryoho. She is also trained in Chakra Crystal Healing, and will often use crystals during her Reiki sessions to aid and amplify the healing process. Stephanie’s passion for Reiki energy healing grows with each person she is able to connect with and help in their healing process. During your session, Stephanie will explain to you where you are holding energy in your body and how this is showing up in your life and in your physical body. Stephanie is a believer that Reiki is not only energy healing that releases what no longer serves you, but it also provides healing for the mind, body and soul. 


Originally from Nice, France, Josiane is a Reiki Master Level 1 & 2, certified by Mount Royal University of Calgary, and a Reiki LaHoChi practitioner. Josiane is passionate about working with energies, born with shamanic attributes, and she has been healing people her whole life. She found her mission with the natural healing system LaHoChi, where healing focuses on the core of your traumas in the etheric body, which is a replica of the physical body and is where emotional and physical scars manifest. The gentle universal energy of Reiki helps your body to heal itself.   Josiane's work is performed at the energetic level - removing energy that is intrusive to the body, which, if left unhealed can manifest into health issues. Josiane works from a place of empathy to deeply understand your experience. 


Samantha Loeppky's interest in nutrition started when she saw close family members deal with preventable diseases and not being able to live their lives to the fullest. She figured that there was a better way and wanted to help others live up to their full potential as well. After studying for over two years about holistic nutrition through Nutraphoria School of Holistic Nutrition, her knowledge has greatly expanded. Samantha's' approach to nutrition consulting is a step by step process and she will help guide you through your journey. She gets excited working alongside clients who are looking to manage their weight for personal reasons, as much as working with elite athletes that want to be at their peak performance. Whatever it means to you to become your elite self, she wants to help you get there.