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Jen has been a registered Massage Therapist in the Bow Valley for 10 years, and she takes pride in contributing to the well-being of her clients in the community. Jen is able to easily adjust techniques, and modify the treatment to suit her client's needs. These techniques/treatments include, trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, aromatherapy, pre/post-natal, hot stone, and lymphatic drainage. She will guide you through breath work during the treatment to assist, and maintain a relaxing experience. Jen is a natural healer, is personable, caring, and kind. She enjoys skiing, hiking, and spending time with her family. She benefits from a daily practice of yoga and meditation.


Massage Therapist


Edna graduated from Catholic University of North with Honours in Physical Therapy and a Bachelor of Health Sciences with specialization in Skeletal Muscle and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation. She has been a Physical Therapist for the past 5 years in public and private practice, working with seniors and semi-professional sports soccer teams, where she used massage as a complementary therapy. Edna has always been passionate about massage therapy as it helps people achieve a state of integral health, balance all aspects of the person - structural, chemical and mental. In her therapy, she combines a deep, therapeutic and relaxing massage, seeking a balance and placing the body in an optimal condition to heal itself. Edna likes living a healthy and active lifestyle, and outside of work enjoys hiking, yoga, basketball, reading and traveling. 



Christie is an RMT with 2200 hours, graduated from MH Vicars with honours in 2013. Health and wellness has been a lifelong pursuit for her, and that has transferred to her choice of career as well. With many years in the health industry as a personal trainer and nutrition coach, massage therapy was a natural progression. She believes in a holistic approach to healing soft tissue concerns within the body and having an active lifestyle for preventative measures. Christie specializes in deep tissue and therapeutic massage – but also realizes that stress management and adding an element of relaxation is also important. Listening to client concerns and customizing each massage is always a priority.




Gray is a 2,200hr Registered Massage Therapist and 2nd Degree Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner. He has been on his spiritual journey as a healer and has embraced the power of Energy Therapy. We store negative emotions in our bodies through negative experiences causing imbalances and pains; with Gray's Therapeutic Massage & Reiki Hybrid abilities, you can experience quick relief and lightness without feeling bruised. He strives to provide a comfortable, safe and educational treatment for all of his clients. Creating and holding a safe space comes second nature when it comes to Gray's healing. In his free time, you can find Gray on a walks and hikes, working out, crystal shopping, or expanding his spiritual knowledge reading in cafes or by rivers.




Stefanie recently graduated from MacEwan University as an RMT with 2200 hours. She grew up in a small farming community in eastern Alberta and spent most of her youth dancing, where she learned first hand the benefits of massage therapy. Her first interest in massage therapy came when she grew a desire to provide the same relaxation and rehabilitation methods for others that were available to her during her years of dance. However, she quickly fell in love with how fascinating the human body is and all the incredible things it’s capable of. Stefanie wants to provide each and everyone of her clients with a sense of well-being and awareness. In her free time, you can find Stefanie snowboarding, swimming or spending time with family and friends.




Natalie graduated from Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University in Physical Therapy. Since 2018, she has been working as a physiotherapist in private clinics and experienced a wide range of clients from seniors to semi-professional
athletes. She specializes in soft tissue techniques and combines therapeutic and relaxation massage. Natalie believes that the touch itself starts the healing process in your body and her priority is to make a comfortable space where you can feel safe and relax. Natalie lives an active life, enjoying outdoor activities and collective sports. She loves hiking, dancing and practicing yoga.



Riza graduated from Axiom Career College with 2200 hrs and has been an RMT for 2 years. Specializing in deep tissue and therapeutic massage, Riza customizes each massage to suit her client's needs.
Riza also has done cupping, hot stone and has knowledge in pre/post-natal massage. During her free time she enjoys reading and being in the outdoors.




A local to Canmore and Banff, Aidan has grown up surrounded by the health and wellness practices.  His initial experiences with massage through friends in the industry and yoga classes were very positive which led him to explore it as a profession.  He is a graduate of Lethbridge College and is an RMT with 2200 hours.
Aidan provides a massage that is relaxing and reduces tension while still offering therapeutic treatment for his clients to enhance mobility and reduce pain.
In his free time, you can find Aidan playing sports with friends, working out, or practicing his guitar which he enjoys to play for others.

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Marian is a graduate of the Canadian college of health science and technology in Ontario with a thriving interest in helping people reach their health and healing goals. She fully attends each clients needs by  interweaving clear presence with practiced skill. 

Her experience in Swedish and deep tissue techniques in addition to her continuing education about our bodies combines with her individualized attention to provide each client with the best experience possible. 

When she is not providing massage treatments, Marian is an active person who loves the outdoors, working out, cooking, and connecting with new people.

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Massage Therapist

Nathalie is massage therapist and adventure guide from Chile who began her journey of wellbeing and spiritual awakening three years ago. 

She has always been passionate about massage, helping people and giving them the best experience through her specialization in relaxation, deep tissue, and hot stones massage. The energy she puts in her treatment helps the clients to reconnect with themselves, achieving a physical, spiritual, and mental balance.

The love she has for nature and mountain life brought Nathalie to Banff where she loves practicing yoga, meditation, skiing, hiking, and traveling.

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Reiki Master

Amelia is originally from Australia and settled in Canada in 2008 when she visited and fell in love with The Canadian Rockies. She has called Banff home since, enjoying the lifestyle of camping, canoeing, paddling boarding, hiking and biking. A lover of nature, the wilderness and mother earth, Amelia feels at home close to nature.

It’s Amelia’s mission to create a meaningful impact for other people in the world, so that they can embrace their own power and help others. Reiki has helped Amelia create a big, beautiful, aligned life and she desires to show the world that they can also do that.



Reiki Master

Kim Mayberry is a multi-passionate creative, enthusiastic teacher, performer, and caring Reiki Master. She loves sharing the healing and empowering nature of dance and movement. Kim has been a professional Belly Dancer for over twenty years and is also a certified Fitness and Yoga instructor. Her Reiki journey began in 2003 and she has studied and practiced extensively since by taking each of the levels with different teachers and being a part of the International Reiki Retreat in Sedona. She received her Reiki Master certification in 2015. She is deeply committed to the well being of others and incorporates her diverse knowledge into all of her classes and sessions. 

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Reiki Master

Christi’s journey into Reiki began in 2004 when she signed up for a class at the local recreation centre in Canmore. Opportunities were available to train and become a Reiki Master of both Usui and Karuna Reiki within the next few years. Reiki is a personal journey of self healing using a Reiki practitioner or Master to help facilitate the channeling of universal energy. Reiki can help you to promote the release of energy blocks and integrate higher vibrations to promote healing on a mental, emotional and physical level. Reiki can travel through time and space to help create lasting change and healing. Elevate your thoughts and vibration with a Reiki session with Christi at Cedar & Sage in beautiful Banff, Alberta



Yoga Teacher

Born and raised in Banff, Mystee has been teaching yoga in the Bow Valley for 25 years. She is a “raw” chocolatier, a plant based chef, and most recently became certified as a CrossFit coach! Mystee’s back ground in physical education, Chinese medicine, and anatomy creates a unique perspective that is incorporated into a vinyasa flow style of yoga.



Yoga Teacher

Jess Young is an integrative health coach, a Banff-based yoga teacher, and a yin yoga teacher trainer.



Yoga Teacher

As a yogi, teacher, dancer, & body worker, Basia channels her efforts toward a particular intention: to facilitate spiritual expression & joy through somatic ease. Yoga is traditionally a liberation teaching, practiced to bring us ever more close to the truth that at the centre of the fleeting, flowing, dynamism of being, our true nature is eternal, unlimited & free. Using the tools of conscious & creative movement, breath work, somatic grounding & massage therapy, Basia guides her students into fostering more sensitive awareness to the evolving language of the body as it speaks to us in sensation. She considers this conscious meeting with our body a reunion with our oldest friend, and that it should be experienced wholeheartedly as a celebration, glittered with dance moves, belly laughs, & cleansing sighs.