Ontario Native, Amie graduated her 3 yr. Massage Therapy program east of Toronto. She now resides in beautiful Banff, where she continues to learn and develop her skills as a registered Therapist. Her previous experience travelling with sport teams and professional athletes has provided her with an immense understanding of human injury and rehibilatation. Enjoying a healthy and active lifestyle herself, Amie also holds certificates in TRX fitness and personal training. 


RMT, Reflexologist, Reiki Master, & Yoga Teacher

Marc has been an RMT since 2012 and started his career with The Centre for Soft Tissue Pain until 2015. He has been with Cedar & Sage since 2018. Marc is our most experienced therapist and has a diverse education  with a combination of studies rarely found among Massage Therapists: Acupuncture (McMaster University), Vodders Lymphatic Drainage (Austria), Therapeutic Massage (Calgary), Reiki, (Japan), cupping, and fascial decompression.  His most recent certification is with the school of Sankalpa for Yoga Nidra (Nidra engages the body into deep states of relaxation for healing in all the layers of the body from physical to subtle energies). Marc’s Journey started at age 14 with sport and MVA injuries. He spent 9 months in Vipassana Meditation through which he cured a back injury he had for 14 years.  A massage with Marc is a combination of deep relaxation and therapeutic release through slow mindful techniques on the meridians, fascia lines and muscles. 
“I want you to feel rejuvenated, relaxed and open to possibility”. - Marc.


Massage Therapist

Edna graduated from Catholic University of North with Honours in Physical Therapy and a Bachelor of Health Sciences with specialization in Skeletal Muscle and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation. She has been a Physical Therapist for the past 5 years in public and private practice, working with seniors and semi-professional sports soccer teams, where she used massage as a complementary therapy. Edna has always been passionate about massage therapy as it helps people achieve a state of integral health, balance all aspects of the person - structural, chemical and mental. In her therapy, she combines a deep, therapeutic and relaxing massage, seeking a balance and placing the body in an optimal condition to heal itself. Edna likes living a healthy and active lifestyle, and outside of work enjoys hiking, yoga, basketball, reading and traveling. 



Basia's career in body work progressed from her devotion as a yoga teacher, continuously working to be more informed and empathetic to the physical experiences of the students entering her classes. As an Honours Graduate from the Canadian Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine's 2200h Western-Eastern integrated massage program, Basia incorporates holistic perspective, along with systematic orthopaedic assessment to precisely apply manual manipulation lasting healing in the body.



Born and raised in Alberta, Linnea moved to the mountains of Banff from the Drumheller valley in 2017. She graduated her 2200-hour massage course from Alberta College of Massage Therapy, with focus on Swedish relaxation massage and therapeutic massage. She enjoys incorporating movement and myofascial release techniques in most of her treatments, and afterwards seeing improved sensation in her clients nagging muscle soreness. When not at the spa you can find Linnea enjoying the outdoors by hiking, camping, frolfing or snowboarding.



Jen has been a registered Massage Therapist in the Bow Valley for 10 years, and she takes pride in contributing to the well-being of her clients in the community. Jen is able to easily adjust techniques, and modify the treatment to suit her client's needs. These techniques/treatments include, trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, aromatherapy, pre/post-natal, hot stone, and lymphatic drainage. She will guide you through breath work during the treatment to assist, and maintain a relaxing experience. Jen is a natural healer, is personable, caring, and kind. She enjoys skiing, hiking, and spending time with her family. She benefits from a daily practice of yoga and meditation.



Michelle graduated with honours from MH Vicars and is fortunate to call the Bow Valley her home.  As an athlete, Michelle discovered first hand the powerful benefits of massage.  Believing in the holistic approach to wellness is what led Michelle to a career in massage therapy. Her passion is helping others reach their ultimate best self. Customizing each treatment to suit client needs, Michelle will help alleviate aches and pains, keeping her clients out hiking and playing in the mountains of beautiful Banff. 



Christie is an RMT with 2200 hours, graduated from MH Vicars with honours in 2013. Health and wellness has been a lifelong pursuit for her, and that has transferred to her choice of career as well. With many years in the health industry as a personal trainer and nutrition coach, massage therapy was a natural progression. She believes in a holistic approach to healing soft tissue concerns within the body and having an active lifestyle for preventative measures. Christie specializes in deep tissue and therapeutic massage – but also realizes that stress management and adding an element of relaxation is also important. Listening to client concerns and customizing each massage is always a priority.




Andrew has been practicing Massage in Alberta since 2008. With 2200hrs competency recognition, highly-skilled, knowledgeable; having graduated with honors, he is a diverse attentive professional massage therapist specializing in Swedish Relaxation, Deep Tissue and Therapeutic Massage as well as Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Prenatal, Hydrotherapy and various other over-use injuries. An advocate of personal health, Andrew believes in the value of massage therapy in improving overall wellbeing and its vital role in health maintenance by reducing stress, improving circulation, mobility, and alleviating chronic pain. As such Andrew offers a variety of integrated massage techniques that aid in the rehabilitation of physical injuries, pain and discomfort. He is passionate about helping people find an effective means to maintain their health and is committed to helping restore pain free body function as well as educating clients about how to proactively prevent illness and injury.

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Reiki Master

Originally from Nice, France, Josiane is a Reiki Master Level 1 & 2, certified by Mount Royal University of Calgary, and a Reiki LaHoChi practitioner. Josiane is passionate about working with energies, born with shamanic attributes, and she has been healing people her whole life. She found her mission with the natural healing system LaHoChi, where healing focuses on the core of your traumas in the etheric body, which is a replica of the physical body and is where emotional and physical scars manifest. The gentle universal energy of Reiki helps your body to heal itself.   Josiane's work is performed at the energetic level - removing energy that is intrusive to the body, which, if left unhealed can manifest into health issues. Josiane works from a place of empathy to deeply understand your experience. 



Reiki Master & Reflexologist

Caroline Dalton is a Reiki Master, Sound Healer and a Certified Meditation and Kundalini Teacher. Through her own experience and healing process Caroline has developed a unique ability to guide and help transform individuals on their own healing path, creating balance and understanding of their souls journey. Caroline's own modality of Reiki includes sound healing, vibrational energy techniques and intuitive mediumship.



Reiki Master

Kim Mayberry is a multi-passionate creative, enthusiastic teacher, performer, and caring Reiki Master. She loves sharing the healing and empowering nature of dance and movement. Kim has been a professional Belly Dancer for over twenty years and is also a certified Fitness and Yoga instructor. Her Reiki journey began in 2003 and she has studied and practised extensively since by taking each of the levels with different teachers and being a part of the International Reiki Retreat in Sedona. She received her Reiki Master certification in 2015. She is deeply committed to the well being of others and incorporates her diverse knowledge into all of her classes and sessions. 

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Reiki Master

Christi’s journey into Reiki began in 2004 when she signed up for a class at the local recreation centre in Canmore. Opportunities were available to train and become a Reiki Master of both Usui and Karuna Reiki within the next few years. Reiki is a personal journey of self healing using a Reiki practitioner or Master to help facilitate the channeling of universal energy. Reiki can help you to promote the release of energy blocks and integrate higher vibrations to promote healing on a mental, emotional and physical level. Reiki can travel through time and space to help create lasting change and healing. Elevate your thoughts and vibration with a Reiki session with Christi at Cedar

& Sage in beautiful Banff, Alberta

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Samantha Loeppky's interest in nutrition started when she saw close family members deal with preventable diseases and not being able to live their lives to the fullest. She figured that there was a better way and wanted to help others live up to their full potential as well. After studying for over two years about holistic nutrition through Nutraphoria School of Holistic Nutrition, her knowledge has greatly expanded. Samantha's' approach to nutrition consulting is a step by step process and she will help guide you through your journey. She gets excited working alongside clients who are looking to manage their weight for personal reasons, as much as working with elite athletes that want to be at their peak performance. Whatever it means to you to become your elite self, she wants to help you get there.