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Reiki is a spiritual treatment that aims to balance energy within the body. By clearing the Chakras, "stuck energy" is released while emotional and physical imbalances are dissolved.

The practice of Reiki does not address the symptom or the condition directly in the way conventional medicine does; rather it balances the receiver's system as a whole, and brings the person back to a greater sense of balance and ease within themselves, concluding in symptomatic relief.

1hr. private session    ---    $105 


Our physical bodies hold on to a plethora of negative emotions/energies causing the slowing of our body’s natural healing.
We call this dis-ease. Bring your body back into balance with the release of these energies from your muscles.
No matter how much experience you have with energy work, you can expect to be educated on the why’s and how’s of the pain we hold. Feel relief from those pains through the use of Grey’s intention to release while he sends healing energy to those areas.
Book in if you’re looking to have chronic, acute, physical, emotional or mental discomforts released from your body. 

60 Minutes   ---  $17per person 
90 Minutes   ---  $215 per person 


Humans are social beings, holding positive and negative experiences within. This can lead to physical ailments, emotional distress, and health issues. Western medicine separates mind, body, and spirit, but treating them as one can help address imbalances. Liljana’s Somatic Intuitive Massage combines manual techniques and intuitive analysis to release these imbalances.
Liljana specializes in relational, career, and physical challenges. Unlike some methods, Liljana delves into the root issue. Trauma, often stored in the body, can lead to inner conflict. The treatment aims to integrate mind, body, and spirit for self-discovery and comfort.
Treatment involves personalized intake, touch, and intuitive analysis for a safe space. Liljana identifies blocks and tailors the session to the client's needs.

90 Minutes   ---  $250 per person 

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