Reiki is a spiritual treatment that aims to balance energy within the body. By clearing the Chakras, "stuck energy" is released while emotional and physical imbalances are dissolved.


 The practice of Reiki does not address the symptom or the condition directly in the way conventional medicine does; rather it balances the receiver's system as a whole, and brings the person back to a greater sense of balance and ease within themselves, concluding in symptomatic relief.

Commonly reported benefits

. improved digestion

. improved sleep

. improved focus and memory

. reduced anxiety

. reduced pain

. enhanced well-being

1hr. Private session - $99 +gst

Reiki LaHoChi


"Anything unresolved within our energy field will keep manifesting itself in our lives until we heal it"

LaHoChi is an ancient, powerful energetic healing technique which captures and channels a high frequency energy. LoHoChi allows access to subtle energies of healing to restructure and balance the subtle bodies, heal physical and emotional trauma, harmonize chakras ,and balance the energy system.


Commonly reported benefits

. relaxation

. reduced stress levels

. enhanced physical energy

. healing of emotional and physical traumas

. expanded spiritual awareness

. enhanced well-being

1hr. Private session - $99 +gst

*LaHoChi is only offered by Josiane