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Cedar & Sage - Banff's Holistic Lounge is pleased to offer Registered Massage Therapists.

Please inform us upon booking if you should require a receipt to claim insurance benefits.

All of our treatments are customized to fit your individual needs so please let us know if you have a specific style you prefer & we will match you with the appropriate therapist.

45 Minutes   ---   $125 per person

60 Minutes   ---   $155 per person

75 Minutes   ---   $180 per person

90 Minutes   ---   $205 per person



If you’re looking for a way to connect with your partner or spouse, a family member or friend, a shared massage can give you an amazing space to relax and bond. You’ll walk out feeling stress-free and ready to enjoy the rest of your day together.

45 Minutes   ---   $250 per couple
60 Minutes   ---   $310 per couple
75 Minutes   ---   $360 per couple
90 Minutes   ---   $410 per couple



Looking to maximize your experience with us?

Enhance your relaxation with our signature treatment and enjoy an upgraded treatment room featuring your own
private infrared sauna and rainfall shower for 30 minutes prior to any massage of 60 minutes or more.

Also included at your request - a burning of Alberta Prairie Sage. This powerful plant is known for its medicinal healing properties and for it's ability to cleanse space of negative energy to improve mood and promote relaxation.

60 Minutes   ---  $195 per person 
75 Minutes   ---  $220 per person 
90 Minutes   ---  $245 per person 


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