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LASH LIFT -  $120  

Using a safe and effective process, this treatment curls and lifts your lashes, providing a stunning, wide-eyed look that lasts for weeks. Say goodbye to the hassle of eyelash curlers and mascara, and embrace effortlessly lifted lashes.


CLASSIC SET -  $190  

One synthetic lash is applied to one of your natural lash. Thus giving more of a natural, longer and curlier look. Different thickness and length are available for you to choose from to tailor your desired expectations.


HYBRID SET -  $200  

A hybrid set combines the best of both worlds, seamlessly blending classic and volume techniques to create a customized, natural yet glamorous look.


VOLUME SET -  $210  

This specialized technique involves the meticulous application of ultra-fine, lightweight extensions in volume fans, creating a fuller, fluffier, and more voluminous effect.


WISPY SET -  $220  

This service involves the artful application of individual lashes with varying lengths and thickness, creating a delicately wispy effect. 


LASH FILL   -   1h30  

  • Classic    -    $95

  • Hybrid    -    $100

  • Volume   -    $105

  • Wispy     -    $110


Revive your lash game by scheduling a fill within a maximum of 3 weeks after your initial full set. 
Get ready for long-la
sting lash perfection.

IMPORTANT : Please be advised that if you have less than 50% of lash extensions remaining, the service will be charged as a full set.

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