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Hiking Trail

P A C K A G E S  

1# Forest Bathing + Massage Package

Embark on 3hr nature immersion followed by a relaxing 75-minute massage. 
Forest bathing allows you to connect with nature in a way that is relaxing, respectful and rejuvenating.

4H15          - - -            $295 per person  

2# Yoga + Hiking + Massage Package

Elevate your mountain spa experience with a yoga class (either in the spa or out in nature) and guided nature walk followed by a 75-minute customized massage.
Our certified guides provide an informative and enjoyable experience that helps combine the physical and mental health benefits of being in nature with the healing effects of  movement and massage. 

4H15          - - -            $295 per person  

Available from June to September - Friday to Sunday only

Customized to suit your group size and ability

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